We felt that there was a war between former recruiters and new start up. Spotting new talent is not always easy. Mastering tools such as logistics, webmarketing, customer/supplier relations, natural referencing or social network management are most important. But how do you find the ideal talent for your e-commerce? How to attract the good talent in this e-commerce sector? Thanks to its growth, e-commerce becomes a job creator. For young people, the jobs offered by the Internet are the best opportunities. But the competencies of candidates and applicants  are subject to controversy.The number of job is increasing as far as that we can see, while the number of candidates suitable for the job is decreasing considerably. Attracting young people to the sales function is a great challenge for all companies with a customer relations mission.  In order to raise the profile of this sector, recruiters need to set up an innovative process and make the jobs more attractive. How to retain e-commerce talent and keep them in the company? Attracting talent is not the only objective. It's also about making these talents feel comfortable in the company,  setting up challenges and take them on. Volatility is becoming more and more noticeable, and the methods for remedying these problems need to be worked out in detail.- Working conditions are the first component that makes talent accumulate in a given company.- Then there is the compensation aspect (salaries and bonus).- It is also necessary to pass on to them this aspect of wanting to learn and to obtain an evolution in the environment.

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