c2workforce order management The order is the initial point of sale. It enables you to put in writing what the customer is prepared to pay for. For maximum performance, order processing must be perfect and flawless. c2workforce order management process Order management starts when a customer places an order and finishes once he receives his product or service. But the Process can be divided into 5 parts.- Order taking: The customer places the order via a form. Then one our agent checks the details and confirms the order.- Fulfilling the order: After confirmation of shipping details, a warehouse agent generates an invoice, packs the item and ships to the consignee.- Order tracking: Through our order tracking service, you can view history and detailed information on our products on any marketplace.- Order Cancellation: We proceed with the cancellation of the order if necessary.- Stock management: Monitoring stock levels. To check if there is still a lot of stock or if it is sold out. Why working with the order management ewperts c2workforce ? Outsourcing the order management is the best solution to increase profits at a decreased cost.Our team guarantees performance, efficiency and quality. We guarantee that the products or services ordered are delivered at the right time.We provide you with a broad range or services and a dedicated team to satisfy customers and build loyalty.

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